US Gold Bureau Review

US Gold Bureau Review

Gold is a luxury precious metal with a longstanding history of providing financial security and stability. Its value is only increased by the fact that nearly one-third of a U.S. dollar's worth of gold is found in Fort Knox, with another Third in storage. The value of gold's intrinsic value has never diminished as long as it has been used. Its only downfall is when its value is debased by the currency or country in which it is being measured, i.e., the U.S. dollar or the American government. The U.S. government would not be able to survive for one day if there were no gold to back its paper dollar holdings; however, since there is, gold and the dollar have maintained a solid and stable relationship over many generations. This article focuses on giving you detailed information on the U.S. Gold bureau.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: UTIMCO (Operator of the Texas Bullion Depository)
  • Rating: 3.5/5

Why You Should Consider Investing in Precious Metals

US Gold Bureau Review

When the financial crisis hit in 2008, many people saw their savings go up in smoke and barely made it. For those who were prepared, the bills got paid, but for those who were not prepared, they lost everything.

The main issue is that a significant portion of the population in America is unprepared for an emergency. Most people store their money in banks where they are experiencing negative interest rates like 1.5%. At these rates, you cannot earn any interest on your money, and if there is a natural disaster or a macroeconomic crisis, you will have to sell at a loss to survive until next month.

In fact, according to the Federal Reserve, nearly nine out of every ten dollars deposited in U.S. bank accounts earns less than 1%. This means that for every dollar you deposit in your checking account, you might make 50 cents over a decade which is quite depressing.

The main issue with a bank is that you need to trust them to hold your money and not use it to finance their operations or pay their interest on it. Now, if the banks were forced to act responsibly and were charging fees based on the value of money they are holding, this would be fine as long as they are managed responsibly by their directors.

Precious Metals are considered to be a very safe investment tool for the following reasons.

The value of gold and silver worldwide has always remained more or less consistent. It does not fluctuate as much as a currency such as a dollar would. When people lose faith in an economy, they will keep their money in precious metals because they are always seen as valuable assets.

You can store your precious metals at home, and your home could insurance cover them against theft. The use of banks decreases this protection, and you will have to pay insurance which is ridiculously high nowadays.

Gold is used in industry, which raises the value of gold. When you buy gold, you also buy a product used in industry. Gold is the only base metal that is one of the most precious minerals in the world, and this could add meaningful value to your investment.

About U.S. Gold Bureau

US Gold Bureau Review

The U.S. Gold Bureau is an online gold and silver investment company that offers its members a way to invest in precious metals. The bureau gives its members access to information, experts, tips, and advice on safely buying precious metals at reasonable prices. Moreover, it gives people access to a private forum to share their thoughts with others or ask questions.

The site is an introduction point for people who want to invest in gold but may need help knowing where to start. It gives them a safe place to start and learn about the industry in a hassle-free way.

The bureau also has a section where people can buy gold directly from the site and receive a certificate of authenticity. It is a unique opportunity for people to invest in gold bullion. For starters, it offers free information on buying gold and silver, tips and advice on investing in these products, and access to experts and other valuable resources.

In addition, it gives you a section where you can buy products from the bureau directly. This is unique because many sites that provide investment information do not allow their members to buy products from them. This provides extra income for the website, which does not negatively impact the customer's experience because he or she can still use other available resources.

How the U.S. Gold Bureau Works

The U.S. Gold Bureau mainly focuses on online bullion buying, and there are a few ways to buy gold. They have a minimal stock of items, but they will be able to match your order if they have it. The bureau allows people to buy as little as 10 ounces of gold per month at a price that depends on several factors, such as market price, spot price, and premium.

The bureau has a fixed market price, the wholesale price of gold per ounce, divided into two tiers. The first tier is the bullion bar which has a low premium and high liquidity. The second tier is the coin with a high premium and limited liquidity.

They allow people to buy silver bullion bars, coins, or even paper silver certificates. The bureau will purchase any quantity of silver at a market price of as little as one ounce per transaction. You can also sell your items for cash at their location or receive gold or silver in exchange for your bullion.

U.S. Gold Bureau Products and Services

US Gold Bureau Review

The U.S. Gold Bureau has many products and services available. They include.


The bureau offers physical gold as bars, bullion coins, and silver. Their gold bars are assayed in a third-party lab to ensure they meet the allocated purity of the gold bars. The bars are from the London Bullion Market Association, one of the industry's most respected bodies.

They also can purchase a lease product called lease gold that can be leased for up to five years. This is useful for people who want a short-term investment and don't need their product for that long but still want to invest in gold. They also can purchase a 999 pure item which is 1 kilogram or 2.5 troy ounces of gold. The price of this item is $17,034, and the shipping cost for this item is $4,632.


The bureau offers silver in the form of silver coins, bars, and certificates. They offer 1-ounce, 10-ounce, and 100-ounce sizes which correspond to the market price of gold and silver on that day. They also have a small 25-ounce silver bar that costs $17,500 and a 10-oz cast silver bar with a price tag of $1,075.

The Philadelphia Mint and the U.S. mint produce the coins they offer. A special deal on these coins allows you to buy a certificate of authenticity with the item for an extra $8. This is useful if you want to sell these items in the future because it proves that you own them.


The U.S. Bureau offers 1 oz platinum. This pure metal can be bought in a 1/10 oz. size or as a pure investment item which is 99.96% of the time. The platinum bars are produced by the Perth Mint and will have a legal status of a pure product when it is in your possession. This item is $4,450, and it will cost $20 to ship the item, which weighs 2 ounces.

US Gold Bureau Review

Certified Investment-Grade Coins

The bureau has a section where it sells certified investment-grade coins. The coins are from the U.S. mint, with a face value equal to $100. They are sold at prices that can be half their face value, including shipping costs. There are gold versions of these items, which cost $49 per coin, and silver versions which cost $12.50 each.

The coins have a purity guaranteed by the mint that produced them, and they come with certificates of authenticity confirming their weight, purity, and mint date, which makes them easy to sell in the future if you decide to do so.

There are three types of investment services the bureau offers.

  • Selling your gold for cash: The U.S. Gold Bureau allows people to sell their gold for cash at their location. They have a minimal amount of gold bars, but they will be able to match your order if they have it. The bureau has a fixed market price, the wholesale price of gold per ounce, divided into two tiers. The first tier is the bullion bar which has a low premium and high liquidity. The second tier is the coin with a high premium and limited liquidity. Another product they offer sells directly from the site to people who want to resell their precious metals or receive cash in exchange for it. This service is fast and easy to use so that you can extract your money from the market even with a low amount of gold.
  • Buying gold for cash: The U.S. Gold Bureau offers delivery of physical gold within 24 hours. They allow people to buy as little as 10 ounces of gold per month at a price that depends on several factors, such as market price, spot price, and premium.
  • Selling your silver for cash: The bureau allows people to sell silver in silver coins, bars, and silver certificates. Silver is the most liquid form of precious metal, and it can be sold for cash at any time without a broker or dealer. You can use the bureau to sell silver for cash at the current spot price at any time.

The Company Resources

US Gold Bureau Review

The bureau has a lot of resources for people who are interested in investing in precious metals. The resources include.

For Beginners

The bureau has a section for beginners, which has many videos and articles about various topics related to bullion and how it works. Many products are designed for those new to investing in the precious metal industry.

For Brokers

The U.S. Gold Bureau created a program to help brokers understand the market better and learn how to use gold as an investment tool.

The program teaches them how to use gold to help their clients achieve their goals by implementing programs such as asset allocation, hedging against inflation, or searching for yield on their cash holdings. It also helps them to understand the metal's safety, liquidity, and complete irreversibility.

Pros & Cons of US Gold Bureau


  • The Bureau has a lot of resources for this industry which is good because you can get a lot of information and training without leaving the website.
  • The Bureau offers high-quality products to its clients, so they have a good chance of success with their transactions.
  • The Bureau has lower premiums than other companies in the market, which makes it highly competitive.
  • The bureau's prices are very competitive because they offer very low premiums in relation to the demand for their services. This allows them to compete with other companies, which are also well-known for their high-quality products and services.
  • They offer custom services such as buying precious metals safe storage, purchasing gold bullion bars, and buying gold certificates, among others.


  • They do not offer as many payment options as other industry companies.
  • The bureau makes people wait a long time to get their products which can be inconvenient for those who want fast service.
  • They do not have a wide variety of products because they only offer bullion bars, gold coins, and silver certificates, among others.
  • The bureau is not as well-known as some other online precious metals companies, which makes it harder for them to compete with others if they are looking to be successful in the long term.


Can I Sell my Jewelry for Cash?

You can sell your jewelry for cash at the U.S. Gold Bureau, but there are some requirements that you need to keep in mind when doing this. You need to ensure that your product comes with a certificate of authenticity, which a reliable third party issues. You also must ensure that you are legally allowed to sell your silver and gold jewelry in your state or country. You should talk to a professional to determine what you need from the bureau when selling precious metals.

Can I Sell my Coins for Cash?

You might not be able to sell your coins for cash at the U.S. Gold Bureau because they will evaluate them before buying them. They have a lot of coin experts who can help you with this, and you can get assistance from them for free if you need clarification on what you need to do before sending in your product.

Can I Sell My Jewelry for Cash if it is Not an Antique?

Most of the bars, coins, and certificates the bureau sells can be used interchangeably. If you want to sell your product for cash, you can use United States Court Circuits, a safe way of selling precious metals. Another solution is to transfer the value of your item to a more liquid currency.

Final Thoughts

Many people have reviewed the U.S. Gold Bureau, and most have good things to say about it. They offer a high-quality service that some people prefer to use compared to other companies in the industry because they are known for their lower premiums. They also provide a wide range of products, making it easier for people to decide what they want. Equipped with all this information, you can make effective investment decisions.