SD Bullion Review

SD Bullion Review

SD Bullion is a precious metal dealer focused on gold and silver. Like many dealers in the industry, it offers bullion items for sale at the lowest prices. But SD Bullion also has select numismatic coins for sale to add something about investing in collectible coins to your profession.

SD Bullion was founded in March 2012. It is located in Ottawa lake, Michigan, and serves residents of the United States over 18 years old. SD Bullion was originally intended to be a brick-and-mortar store focused on precious metals. The company’s founders planned to have an investment store with gold and silver bullion, coins, and other collectibles. However, the company has since gone exclusively online and does not have a physical location for its customers. SD Bullion ships internationally at an additional cost based on the destination country for its shipping addresses outside the United States.

SD Bullion is open to individuals and business accounts for qualifying companies. Examples of qualifying companies include banks, brokerages, precious metal dealers, and individual investors. SD Bullion also carries a line of numismatic coins valued only in bullion form. These items are not considered a currency, and the price is the same for all prices in SD Bullion.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Tyler Wall
  • Rating: 4.3/5

About SD Bullion

SD Bullion Review

SD Bullion has been active in the precious metals marketplace since March 2012. At that time, it offered a reliable source for quality items, from silver and gold bullion chains and silver and gold coins. SD Bullion continues to grow while meeting increasing demands in the precious metals markets.

In addition to an online presence, SD Bullion also has a presence on social media. On Facebook, customers can find an aggregation of videos of transactions made with SD Bullion and select other parties in the industry, including Johnson Matthey, HSBC global exchange office, Barrick Gold Corporation, and The Perth Mint.

In the meantime, SD Bullion continues to serve as a reliable source for investors. SD Bullion holds a secure transaction platform on which its customers can buy, sell and trade precious metals, bullion coins, and more. With the company’s secure transaction platform, investors can easily place orders for items and pay through PayPal or a credit card. SD Bullion also allows buyers to make bulk payments; while they cannot make large purchases with this feature, they can make bulk orders at a discounted rate of one percent.

Is SD Bullion a Legitimate Company?

SD Bullion Review

SD Bullion is a legitimate business that has been operating for several years, helping thousands of investors find their path to success in the precious metals industry. They have a vast selection of bullion products, including gold and silver bars, coins, and other precious metals products, including bars and coins.

It has a consumer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 with 300 reviews, indicating that SD Bullion is a legitimate and trusted business to do business with. SD Bullion has a BBB rating of A-, a high rating for the BBB.

Main competitors in the industry include APMEX, JM Bullion, and Provident Metals.

One advantage of SD Bullion is that it offers its customers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee on their orders. Also, SD Bullion’s website allows customers to create a new account to buy precious physical metals or modify an existing one. It’s easy for customers to see the total purchase cost before purchasing any items. Once customers have placed an order with SD Bullion, it only takes one business day to ship orders.

SD Bullion has an extensive customer service department, and unlike many other precious metal businesses, it offers a chat option to help customers. Also, SD Bullion’s customer service is available via email seven days a week. An SD Bullion representative may take up to one business day to respond to emails.

SD Bullion Products and Services

SD Bullion Review

SD Bullion offers a large selection of bullion items and services to its customers. The company offers.


As with bullion bars and coins, SD Bullion offers a variety of gold bullion items. These items come in the form of bars, rounds, or nuggets. These are:

  • Gold bullion bars. SD Bullion offers bars that range in size from 1 gram to 100 grams in weight.
  • Gold bullion coins. SD Bullion has a wide variety of gold coins, including Canadian Maple Leaf, South African Krugerrands, Australian Koalas, and Mexican 50 Peso coins.
  • Gold cast medallions. These are valuable collectible items made out of 14-karat gold and have intricate designs on the front and back. These include the Greek Temple and the Roman Gladiators-themed medallions.
  • Gold bullion rounds. These rounds can be used to pay for goods and services and are made of one troy ounce of gold. SD Bullion also has a selection of “other” items that can be used for payment, such as the Gold Eagle, Gold Buffalo, and Maple Leaf coins.


SD Bullion also carries a selection of collectible coins for its customers. For instance, SD Bullion has a range of silver bullion coins for sale. These items include the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf, produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and sold to SD Bullion. SD Bullion has coins containing other precious metals, such as gold and palladium. When purchasing collectible coins from SD Bullion, they will be shipped in protective packaging to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

In addition to bullion products, SD Bullion offers a selection of collectible coins. SD Bullion has a range of silver coins, including Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and other Canadian coins. It also has collectible coins containing other precious metals, such as gold and palladium. When purchasing collectible coins from SD Bullion, they will be shipped in protective packaging to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely.

SD Bullion provides several services to its customers. The company sells bullion products that are in stock at its warehouse. In addition, SD Bullion offers wholesale orders. When customers place an order with SD Bullion, they can choose to buy one or multiple lots of bullion.

SD Bullion also takes digital photos of its products to show customers exactly what they will receive when they purchase with the company. Gold bars, ingots, and coins often have imperfections that prevent them from being placed in a vault. However, clients can request digital images for their orders through SD Bullion’s website.

SD Bullion Review


SD Bullion guarantees complete confidentiality for its customers. The company does not ask for personal information to place an order. Buyers can make purchases with a credit or debit card and do not have to supply the company with their name, telephone number, or address. SD Bullion also guarantees that it will not share personal customer information with any outside party, including third parties. This includes forwarding emails to a third-party business or person.


SD Bullion makes every effort to ship orders as soon as possible after customers place them. When they receive an order through their website, it only takes one business day to ship the items that are being ordered. Customers are also notified when the delivery date of their order has changed.


As already mentioned, SD Bullion offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on items sold through the company’s website. Customers must have an SD Bullion account before ordering through the company’s website. Items purchased from SD Bullion and need to be returned may be sent back to the company only if they are defective. If an item is not defective, it will not be accepted for return by SD Bullion. If a customer receives an item damaged in shipping, it will be replaced at no cost to the customer as soon as possible. Also, if a customer receives a different item than the one ordered, SD Bullion will cover the cost of returning the incorrect item and shipping the correct item.

Factors to Consider When Comparing Gold Instruments

Gold bullion bars, coins, and other items are created differently. As with many products, consumers need to consider several factors when purchasing gold through a particular company. The following are several things for customers to consider when comparing gold instruments.

  • Premium over spot: Premium refers to the price of gold concerning the price of gold on a popular spot exchange. All companies selling bullion items provide a premium over plated metals with similar metal content. Therefore, a company’s premium will likely be similar to another company selling similar products. The premium varies from company to company and can depend on metal content, purity, weight, and the year of production.
  • Purity: The purity of the gold bullion or coin determines the item’s value. Pure gold has a purity of 24 karats and can be found in rounds, bars, or coins. A rating for 24-karat gold is also important when assessing products used for investments. Many products are merely plated with 24-karat gold and do not contain any pure gold. Bullion items upgraded to 24 karat purity are often referred to as “24 Karat” or “24 Karat Fineness.”
  • Susceptibility to counterfeit: Gold bullion can be counterfeited in numerous ways. One of the most common ways is when gold ore is processed through refining, and a small amount of pure gold is added to the product. This gives the product a higher appearance of quality and rarity, but it does not necessarily increase intrinsic value. Gold can also be alloyed with other metals, such as copper or silver, to make it look like it contains more gold than it does. A third way that gold bullion can be counterfeited is by plating lower-value coins with 24-karat gold. To determine whether or not a coin is made up of pure gold, customers should take note of the purity rating listed on the coin or bar.
  • Stackability: Stack ability refers to whether or not an item can be stacked similarly to silver bullion bars. While lower-value coins and bars can often be stored together in a jar without any protection, higher-value bullion coins are more likely to be stored in protective packaging. This is because they tend to be of higher value and, therefore, more likely to be stolen.
  • Brand/Series: Customers can also look at the company’s name selling their gold to determine if it is trustworthy. The credibility of a particular company should not just be based on how much money they are making but how well they treat its customers. In addition, customers should look at a series of bullion and coins with similar characteristics to determine the quality of the overall series.

Company Resources

SD Bullion Review

Since SD Bullion Inc. Was founded in 2012, it has not only met but surpassed many expectations of new companies within the first year of operations. The company’s founder, Tyler Wall, believes that his company can achieve this success because he takes a very hands-on approach when dealing with customers and bullion items.

The company’s founder and president and his colleagues continue to provide consumers in the United States, Canada, and Europe with some of the highest quality 24-karat gold bullion items made to date. The company’s range of products is impressive as it includes solid gold, 90% pure bars, rolls, coins, and rounds offered at over 100 locations in the United States. SD Bullion is still new on the bullion industry scene but has already built a solid reputation for itself with investors from all over the world.

Pros & Cons of SD Bullion


  • The company’s executive team has a solid reputation for excellence in the bullion industry.
  • The company’s gold bullion products are of high quality.
  • The company’s executive team actively participates in the precious metals community.
  • The company can deliver gold bullion items to customers faster than most other companies.
  • The company offers a 90% pure 24 karats gold bar.
  • The company provides customers with a wide variety of related products.


  • Customers receive gold bars that are not fully polished, which can cause some customers to feel disappointed in the appearance of an item.
  • The company cannot provide additional resources on the internet if customers have additional questions or concerns.
  • The company’s products can be purchased through numerous retailers in the United States and Canada. Therefore, many consumers may find it difficult to find SD Bullion products at their local stores.
  • The company’s executive team may not go out of their way to respond to customer inquiries or complaints.
  • The company’s executive team may not provide customers with the lowest prices available in the industry.


Can I purchase precious metals under my IRA?

Yes, SD Bullion will work with any IRA company to ensure that your precious metals are properly allocated to your IRA.

What is the best deal on gold and silver?

SD Bullion offers a variety of items for purchase, including 90% pure 24-karat gold bars, rolls, coins, and rounds.

Can I change my order after placing it?

Yes, customers can constantly contact SD Bullion’s customer service team throughout the entire order process.

What if my package has missing or damaged items?

SD Bullion will always ensure that customers receive the highest quality gold bullion products possible. However, if any items are missing or damaged, SD Bullion will always work with customers to ensure they get a full refund on their purchase.

Final Thoughts

SD Bullion products are remarkable in many ways. The company provides customers with high-quality precious metals products that are delivered to them in a very short amount of time. Not only do they offer gold bullion items but also silver bullion items, platinum, and palladium offerings as well.

Customers will benefit from the wide variety of products SD Bullion Inc offers. They can easily take advantage of the company’s fast shipping speeds to ensure that they receive their orders within a short period after placing them. If you are interested in purchasing precious metals and want to do so in a way that makes sure you get the highest quality products possible, consider purchasing products from SD Bullion.