Red Rock Secured Review

Red Rock Secured Review

Securing retirement assets is something most of us think about at some point, but a lot of things need to be clarified about how this is done. One of the things that can make it difficult to get people to do anything with their retirement accounts is that investing for retirement seems like something other than an intuitive exercise. It is easy to think that you can put your money into a savings account, which seems safer than making a risky investment, and just let it sit there until you retire.

The problem with this is that you will earn very little interest on your money, making it difficult to afford the things you want when you are too old and tired to work. This is why people need to work with qualified financial professionals so they can figure out how best to secure their retirement accounts.

Red rock secured helps individuals become more prepared for retirement through investment strategies that help them earn more money and not worry about losing money. This is something that almost no other company does, and as a result, people who use Red Rock secured to get the peace of mind they need to plan for the future. This article will help you learn more about red rock secured and its services.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Sean Kelly
  • Rating: 4.8/5

Should You Invest in Precious Metals?

Red Rock Secured Review

What is true for gold and silver is also true for platinum, palladium, rhodium, and much more. The value of all these metals has risen tremendously in the last decade, and they have responded by becoming more difficult to find. All five metals are produced in limited quantities, and demand is rising because they have many industrial uses. Platinum makes catalytic converters for cars and medical devices such as MRI machines and stents. Palladium is used to coat catalytic converters in diesel engines.

All these metals are either rare or get mined at very low quantities compared to what their markets demand, and this causes them to rise in price over time. There is a direct relationship between demand and rising prices. If demand goes up, the price of these metals will also go up. The problem is that they are challenging to find and bring to market.

Gold has been mined for thousands of years, and its traditional sources have been depleted, but plenty of new sources are still being found every year. More gold is produced in a year than ever before. That does not mean it becomes easier to find gold or even more gold each year. Still, it means that technology has gotten better at finding new sources and extracting gold from existing ones much faster than possible.

Gold is used in many products today. The best example is the gold plating used in jewelry, but there are more prevalent uses. Many electronic devices use very small amounts of gold for their internal wiring and connectors. This includes things like cell phones and computer hard drives. Gold is also used in dentistry. It is mixed with other materials to make dental crowns and then mixed with other metals to create the fillings in cavities.

The same goes for silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium, but they have other uses besides dentistry, jewelry, and electronics. This makes them a good investment option because many industries use these materials, and they will need to find more in the future. This will drive up demand and cause prices to keep rising.

One of the problems with some precious metals is that so much of it is put into jewelry. If you are looking for an investment, you want to be sure you are buying something hard to get and not just something ordinary that everybody has. The easiest way to ensure your gold or platinum is not just a fashion decoration is by buying coins. Coins have been used as money for thousands of years and have a value based on their face value rather than their weight in precious metal.

About Red Rock Secured

Red Rock Secured Review

Red rock secured is a privately held precious metals consultant company based in Southern California that helps people to diversify their retirement accounts by investing in precious metals. The company was founded in 2009 by Sean Kelly and has been in business for over a decade. It has employed people with many years of experience with precious metals and their markets. The company has clients from different backgrounds, from doctors to realtors to miners.

The company helps people to start investing in precious metals early on so they can get the most out of the investment when it comes time for them to retire. A typical client is someone between forty-five and seventy years old with a retirement account that they want to diversify. Many of these clients have used conventional investments like stocks but want something more secure as they approach retirement.

The company aims to protect clients' retirement through excellent customer service, education, and secure products. The company's main goal is to offer complete financial solutions tailored to each client's needs. Red rock secured focuses on helping clients with their funds. The company has no ties or affiliations with any of the precious metals markets and does not require clients to sell any investments at any time.

How Red Rock Secured Works

Red Rock Secured Review

Red rock secured takes care of all the buying, selling, and storing of clients' assets. They will try to find the most valuable metals for clients when they buy and sell, but this only sometimes happens as it depends on market prices and customers' wants. The company will buy clients' precious metals when it is worth more than the entire value of their retirement account. The company then resells the metals to clients at a discount, so 100% of their retirement account is getting a return on their investment. There are no fees or commissions paid out with these transactions.

Red rock secured is the only company that provides affordable prices for diversification, protection, and peace of mind. This is done through the company's personalized investment planning and security approach. In addition to the services that it provides for its customers, red rock secured also assists people in learning about precious metals.

Red rock secured offers access to a live webinar where they will talk about precious metals and provide information on how to buy, sell, and store them. They also offer free educational resources, including an online catalog of videos showing how gold is mined, silver is refined, and jewelry is made or purchased.

Red Rock Secured Products and Services

Red Rock Secured Review

Red rock secured recognizes that other precious metal companies are offering the services it does. They try to set themselves apart by offering their clients options that those companies don't offer. These include debt products, pre-IPO market access, and precious physical metals.

Debt Vehicles

One way Red Rock secured helps its customers is by providing a wide range of investment vehicles. These include investment-grade bonds and GICs to help clients mature their investments in time.

Private Placements

These are very worthwhile investments that red rock secured offers its clients. Unlike public issues in the market, there are minimums of $100 000, and the money is locked in for at least five years.

This leaves clients with a secure investment that is not affected to any extent by market volatility. The only issue with these investments is their limited liquidity, as they can only be bought and sold through private placement equity trading.

Real Estate Investments

Some of the company clients, particularly those with IRAs, can invest in real estate. The company has an investment program that is available to investors all over the world. They can choose to buy or sell properties in any location, and their cash returns are very high.

Physical Silver and Gold

Clients can purchase physical gold and silver through red rock Secure. The storage fee is $500 for gold and $50 for silver, but the expenses are worth it.

Red rock secured keeps the precious metals in a third-party vault, so clients can always rest easily, knowing their assets are safe.

Precious Metals Coins

Red rock secured has been selling precious metal coins since 2009. Clients can purchase them directly from the company or at secondary markets. It is essential to have physical possession of precious metal coins as they can be sold back to the company whenever needed. The company guarantees that the coins are pure and have a certificate of authenticity.

Pre-IPO Marketplace Access

This is a way for clients to invest in a start-up company that has passed its first round of funding. The company usually sets a minimum investment requirement. This service is only available to verify accredited investors.


Palladium is one of the rarest metals on earth. It is a precious metal used to make catalytic converters for vehicles. The price of palladium has been growing steadily since the late 2000s, becoming the third most popular precious metal after gold and silver.

The company offers its clients palladium bullion coins which are 99.95% pure with a certificate of authenticity. The coins are beautiful, as they have a unique design each year. They come in different sizes from 1 ounce down to 0.25 ounces, so there will be options for every kind of investor.

Platinum is rarer than gold and has been known to humans since ancient Egyptians. It is used in many ways worldwide, including making jewelry and dental work, and is a precious metal.

Red rock secured offers platinum bullion coins which are 99.95% pure with a certificate of authenticity. They come in different sizes from 1 ounce down to 0.25 ounce, so there will be options for every kind of investor, whether they are buying for investment or jewelry purposes.

Platinum gold coins are also available, so clients can combine platinum with gold in their precious metals inventories.

Gold IRA

If a client's retirement account is in the form of a gold IRA, then red rock secured will provide the option to exchange their gold for cash. This is called an in-kind or direct transfer to a gold-backed IRA. Once the transfer has been made, there will be no cost for buying or selling precious metals, and storage fees will be waived.

The Company Resources

Red Rock Secured Review

Online Catalogue

The online catalog contains videos and related material giving background information about precious metals. It explains the history of precious metals and their industrial uses. The videos cover the supply and demand of gold, silver, silver bullion, and jewelry demand to compare their uses to their prices. The company also has an educational section providing training in trading gold, silver, and platinum coins.

Free Educational Resources

The company offers free educational resources that include:

  • Online Courses: The company offers courses to anyone who visits its website. The courses include an introduction to precious metals, an overview of the gold and silver standard, a course on how to invest in precious metals, and a course on market analysis and portfolio management.
  • Blog: Red Rock Secured also posts informative articles on the blog. Topics range from news about nano-technology companies that use precious metals in their products to information on how to buy and sell platinum bullion coins.
  • Mining Videos: The company has a selection of videos pertinent to precious mining metals. They include videos on the history of precious mining metals, videos about exploring gold, videos about smelting gold, and videos on buying and selling silver.
  • Technical Resources: Yhe company also has detailed information on the types of precious metals on its website. This includes information on copper, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. There are also links to more detailed technical resources, such as SEC disclosures and websites that offer more information on those metals.

Tools and Services

The company provides clients with a wide range of tools and services that include:

  • Precious Metal Trading Room: This is an area where clients can discuss their precious metals or see others' precious metals available for sale or purchase.
  • Special Offers for current clients: The company offers special deals such as discounts on precious metal bullion coins purchases.
  • Client Service: The company has a department to help clients with questions or appropriate recommendations. The company also offers free shipping on all orders over $100.

Pros & Cons of Red Rock Secured


  • Wide variety of investment options, including silver and gold.
  • Secure storage.
  • High-quality gold coins for sale.
  • Details about the company, including its history and management team.
  • Free educational resources on precious metals available to everyone.


  • Availability of gold coins may change depending on the price of gold.
  • The company hides bad reviews on third-party websites and writes fake reviews.


Is there a mentorship program at Red Rock Secured?

The company does not have a mentorship program but offers a free educational resource area that provides information on precious metals.

How often are the prices of precious metals updated?

The prices of gold and silver are updated daily. They can be accessed through direct transfer over to a gold IRA or by finding an online course on buying and selling gold coins.

What kind of career opportunities exist at Red Rock Secured?

The company's website does not list job openings, but it has a blog that mentions any job openings at the end of each blog post.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to invest in precious metals, then red rock secured will provide you with the information you need. The company has a wide range of services and products, including a blog on which it posts educational resources about gold and silver. It also has videos to help clients learn about the history and uses of precious metals in our society.

Red Rock Secured provides clients with a safe and secure place to store their precious metals, which is important for investors with a lot invested in gold or silver bullion coins. Consider the company's reputation and take your time before making a final decision.