Orion Metal Exchange Review

Orion Metal Exchange Review

According to their website, Orion Metal Exchange is a US-based company that allows customers to buy metals at fair, competitive prices without having to deal with any of those pesky and complicated processes. They also offer free shipping. This article will review Orion Metal Exchange's service and discuss how it stands up compared to competing companies today.

  • Product Type: Precious Metals
  • Owner: Jacob Blalock (Founder)
  • Rating: 4.9/5

Why You Should Consider Investing in Precious Metals

Orion Metal Exchange Review

First of all, let's look at why precious metals are valuable. As the economy continues to gain momentum, there is a growing demand for metals. The United States uses a lot of metals, such as aluminium, copper, iron, and steel. It's estimated that more than 60 million tons of these metals are consumed yearly. In the coming years, it is expected that demand will increase even more to support the needs and requirements of an ever-growing economy.

But with all this rising demand comes an increasing cost. Rising costs of critical raw materials are happening much faster than people think, which makes investing in precious metals a good investment for the future. There have been times when iron ore prices have risen as high as $140 per ton. Some experts predict that iron ore will reach a staggering $1,000 per ton in five years. With precious metals being a valuable and sought-after commodity, it is only logical that investing in them will yield fruitful results.

In addition to rising raw material costs, other factors, such as inflation and the devaluation of the U.S dollar, also affect prices. These factors are also contributing to the rising prices of metals.

Such factors have made investing in precious metals a viable option. It is something that every investor needs to consider when it comes to the future prospects of their investments.

But before looking into investing in precious metals, investors must take note of some essential facts about these commodities.

Precious Metals aren't an investment as much as they are a hedge against inflation and a declining dollar value. Investing in precious metals is about buying bonds of dollar value, gold, and silver. Precious metals are a secure store of wealth that cannot be devalued.

Precious Metals are one of the few investments that can be sold to another party without problems. This is because precious metals are widely accepted in the international financial market, and significant amounts of them can be purchased with other forms of currency, provided they have the same value.

About Orion Metal Exchange

Orion Metal Exchange Review

Orion Metal Exchange is a business that allows the public to buy and sell precious metals and other commodities. They offer competitive prices on all their precious metals and fast shipping.

Orion Metal Exchange was founded in 2017 and offered various IRA-Approved precious metals, coins, and a few collectibles. This company allows buyers to buy metals without having to deal with any of the complicated processes involved. It will enable investors to easily access precious metals without going through all the hassle. You can do a few things on the Orion Metal Exchange website.

The first thing you can do is invest in precious metals directly from the website, which means that you will no longer have to rely on intermediaries or dealers when investing in these precious commodities. This means you will not have to worry about paying high commissions or going through tedious processes, making it a desirable option for many investors.

Orion Metal Exchange is based in the United States, with its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. This company can guarantee the satisfaction of their customers even during the time that their products are being sent. Through these types of services and security, Orion Metal Exchange can maintain a good reputation in the business.

The services offered by this company are free. You will find that the fees are what most people consider affordable. You will only have to pay if you decide to have them hold your gold, silver, or other precious metals for you. Another thing that you will like about the Orion Metal Exchange website is that the layout of it is very intuitive and easy to use. Many online reviewers have praised the interface for being straightforward and user-friendly.

How Orion Metal Exchange Works

Orion Metal Exchange Review

Orion Metal Exchange is straightforward to use. The sign-up process is free, and if you are looking to store your metals, it will allow you to do so directly from their website.

The first feature of this company that you will like is that they offer an exchange service for precious metals and other commodities. These metals can be exchanged with no fees, provided the quantity of precious commodities being traded is equal to or greater than one gram. They also offer storage services where you can store your own precious metals or other commodities as long as you are a member. To do this, you must fill out an application and mail it back to them along with your gold or silver.

Orion Metal Exchange also offers a "mail-in" program that allows customers to have their precious metals delivered directly from one of the owner's associates. However, this only applies to orders that are less than 100 ounces. The cost of shipping the metals to the customer's address is free of charge.

The most popular method that customers use is the "online web page to web page" method. This is where customers can invest directly into precious metals via their website and get their delivery as soon as possible. If you want to deliver your metals to your home, you can do so for free. However, if you live outside of the United States, then there will be a minimal international shipping fee that you will have to pay. This fee also includes the cost of shipping and handling.

When you wish to store your metals, you will receive a shipping confirmation and email notification of the date your precious metals will arrive for delivery. The ships chosen by these precious metals companies are extremely fast. Most people using this service find that their metals will arrive within a few days. On average, it is five business days from the day that the order is placed until the day that your precious metals arrive in your hands. Most customers find this an excellent service and one they are pleased with.

When you choose Orion Metal Exchange, you can purchase metals at competitive prices and receive prompt delivery. Also, because these metals are safe and secure, there will be no worries about storing them in your home, where they can be stolen or lost.

Orion Metal Exchange Products and Services

Orion Metal Exchange Review

Orion Metal Exchange offers a wide range of precious metals, coins, and other commodities such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Orion Metal Exchange is an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau. They are usually well received by their customers because they offer competitive prices and quick shipping.


This is the very first product that you will be able to purchase from Orion Metal Exchange. You will have the opportunity to purchase one gram of gold or silver. The price you pay for this product depends on the current market price in your area. There are different grades of gold, depending on how pure or refined the metal is. This will determine the quality of gold that you will be getting.

Gold prices can vary with the price of gold on any given day. You can have your metals delivered at a different time when ordering your metals. This means you can get exactly what you want whenever you need it. Another thing that makes this website so attractive is its competitive prices and quick delivery. You can even opt to have your metals stored in these facilities if necessary.


This type of metal is also made up of different grades. Silver can be sold in troy ounces, grams, or karats. A troy ounce is a unit used to measure the purity of silver. If you want to purchase silver, the price will depend on how many ounces you want to buy. Also, because this metal can be used for various purposes, such as jewellery, this is why it has a wide range of prices for each grade.


Platinum is an extremely strong metal; because of this, it has many different uses, including jewelry and electronics. Orion Metal Exchange offers a wide range of prices for platinum, depending on the purity of the metal. The cost of platinum will also depend on the size or weight of each metal.

Platinum is made up of different grades. These are ten karats, nine karats, and so on. This type of metal can be acquired in platinum bars, bullion, or coins.

Platinum bars can be acquired in one-ounce sizes and come with a certificate guaranteeing their purity. You will receive a picture of the bar that you have purchased along with this certificate with your metals delivery.


This is a rare type of metal that offers excellent value. This metal is lighter than platinum, more flexible, can be used in electronics, and is an excellent alternative to gold. Palladium has different grades, depending on the purity or the percentage of palladium that is contained in it. The price of palladium is usually determined by the purity or the percentage of palladium contained within the metal. This metal can vary significantly in price depending on what type of metal you are buying.

The Company Resources

Orion Metal Exchange Review

This is the area of the website where you will find a wide range of tools and resources that you can use to assist you in making informed decisions about purchasing precious metals. Some of these include.


This is where you can check out any current and upcoming updates on precious metal-related news. It will be posted here if anything is going on in this market. This allows you to stay on top of the precious metals market.


You will be able to download all kinds of documents which include:

  • Certificates: These certificates are a great way to prove your ownership of precious metals. They will include pictures and confirmation of the amount of precious metal you have purchased, which are created as soon as you make your purchase.
  • Storage Agreement: This is where you can access a storage agreement that details all the terms and conditions linked to storing your precious metals in a secure location. Orion offers three types of storage; secure vault, home storage, and IRA.

Secure vault storage is stored in a safe and secure vault and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You will be given your storage unit, which has an electronic lock so you can access it anytime or at night.

Home storage is just as safe but stored right in your home. This means that you will have to hold the metals in the same place you use to store your other valuables, such as jewelry or electronics.

This is a great way to get the value of your metals back since the price of precious metals will increase over time.

Ira involves storage in IRA accounts. This will allow you to keep your metals away from the public domain. The paperwork for this type of storage is much more involved than home or secure vault storage. You will have to provide proof of your age and need a legal guardian for the metals if needed.

Pros & Cons of Orion Metal Exchange


  • Free transfer to IRA, and no setup fees involved.
  • Purchasing metals through the website is easy, and you can buy metals in any amount.
  • The website comes up with great deals and offers a variety of products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • This company also offers special discounts for large orders.
  • They offer a secure online vault service that allows you to store your precious metals in an electronic safe.


  • The company does not have much experience regarding precious metals concerning industry standards.
  • The range of services offered by the company is limited.
  • The website may not be user-friendly for those new to precious metals.
  • The website does not offer any educational materials for interested buyers.


What is a Gold IRA?

This account allows you to store precious metals with a private broker. The metal deposit is held in an IRA account and can be used to pay for expenses. You can also use this method to invest further, which means that your investment will be able to grow over time.

Can I store IRA precious metals at home?

You can, but you will have to supply your secure storage unit, which does not come with a lock or key. You can also store the metals inside a safe deposit box.

Can I store my metals in a safe deposit box?

You can access your metals by calling a company representative and providing them with the key. The representative will then open the safe deposit box, and in turn, he or she will transfer your metals to your secure storage unit.

Orion Metal Exchange is a great way for those new to this market. This is because the website offers an excellent platform for them to learn about the different types of precious metals and how they can be used. This company also has outstanding customer service, making its website easy to navigate. They also offer free storage if you live in a particular area. If you want to buy precious metals or want some guidance on how you can use precious metals to improve your wealth further, this is an excellent place to start.